The Telescope

 One important piece of equipment  is an 8″ Dobsonian telescope.   sighted these objects:  The Moon, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, The Ring Nebula in Lyra (M57, mag 8.8), the Blue Snowball Nebula (NGC7662, mag 8.3), the Crab Nebula (M1) (more on physics of M1), the Andromeda (M31) and Triangulum (M33) galaxies – though only the central part as the spiral arms were lost in the city glow.  I tried once looking for NGC1514, a dimmer nebula, found the exact spot according to nearby stars, but saw nothing due to the glow.  Details of Jupiter are spectacular when the air is steady, and Uranus shows a definite disc albeit with no detail.   For finding objects fainter than the Moon and Jupiter, Stellarium (software) was incredibly helpful.

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