Holiday in Julian CA

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The day after Christmas Caty, William, Grandma and Daren went to Julian California and it snowed!  The children kept wondering why the snow disappeared and so I told them the story of Frosty the Snowman.  They were so excited they wanted me to drive with the windows down so the snow would come in – which I did.  Caty wondered why she kept shaking, *cold* was a new experience.

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Jeffcott’s Christmas on the USS Sampson 2012

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Caty & William with Spirit and Tonto

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The original Spirit and Tonto

The original Spirit and Tonto

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Catherine Irene Jeffcott 2012

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Caty says:

What Caty says:

Grandma!  I dreamed!

What did you dream?

I woke up!

Grandma the swing squeeks!!!….    A mouse is in the swing.

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EXPO DAY with Caty and William

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EXPO DAY is the grand-slam science and engineering finale for the San Diego Festival of Science and Engineering. EXPO DAY offers more than 135 interactive science and engineering activities, from building an underwater robot and finger-painting with algae, to taking … Continue reading

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Elijo Lagoon and Queen Califia

Yesterday had Thanksgiving dinner with Phillip, and family.  Before Phillip and wife Rebecca could serve a nice meal, they had to cook it.  And to cook it, they had to be free of their never-stopping entropy-making always-grabbing young children, ages 1 and 3, for a few hours.  So took the youngsters out for a romp around.  First, drove to San Elijo Lagoon Nature Center in Cardiff by the Sea.  The nature center has informative displays inside the building, and long trails around the lagoon for viewing nature or for a good long walk.

After the lagoon, took the little ones to Queen Califia’s Magical Circle at Kit Carson Park, near the mall in the southern part of Escondido.  This was created by Miki de Saint Phalle, whose work is mostly in Europe, and opened to the public in 2003.  There are creatures of all kinds, but mainly birds and snakes, made of shiny, colorful and iridescent stones and tiles.

One enters through a black and white and fragmented mirrors maze.  The perimeter is guarded by a series of giant snakes of every color imaginable (and maybe a few that aren’t).  At the center is the voluptuous Queen Califia, an Amazon queen, on a huge bird-like creature. Under the bird is a chamber with stars and planets embedded in the ceiling. Benches integrated into the sculpture provide a place for parents and kid-watchers to rest while the little ones run amok.

Colorful large-scale sculpture of creatures with little boy running

William Jeffcott is thrilled to visit Queen Califia

Two small kids playing on stone mosaic sculpture

Caty and William playing at one of the sculptures

After all that frolicking, went to Phillip and Rebecca’s place for a  great turkey, baked ham w/pineapples, mashed potatoes, gravy, string bean casserole, sweet potato w/marsh-mellows, hot rolls, cheese casserole, broccoli-vegetable casserole, pumpkin pie, and cherry pie dinner.

Phillip and Rebecca finalize the table

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